Thursday, January 23, 2014

Outdoor Hot Tub

Going out for an outdoor spa during winter time will surely relax your mind and body.

After a long and tiring day of showing my parents Skåne, where my husband is from. My amazing husband surprised me and my parents with a trip to an outdoor spa hot tub when we were on a holiday in Sweden last month.

It was a big jacuzzi with cozy hydro massage and luxurious led lights, the temperature outside was 3°C but the water was very warm and relaxing. The moment I knew about the outdoor spa, I was thrilled! It was my first ever hot tub experience and believe me, we had a blast.

Relaxing Spa Holidays in Skåne.


  1. I've always wanted one of these hot tubs in my garden. I thought they could just be used in the summer, but it's great you say that the water is heated sufficiently even when it's only 3 degrees out! Was this an inflatable hot tub? Or a more permanent jacuzzi? We would probably be looking at an inflatable tub.

    Erica Spencer @ Culligan Hot Tubs

    1. Hi, it is Jacuzzi with hydro massage and led lights! really great!