Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craft Ideas: Candle Jar Holder

I was thinking of redecorating the balcony garden of our apartment in Saigon. I have so many ideas in mind but I am more considering of redecorating it with recycled materials. I found some really good ideas online, putting candles in the balcony to make it more cozy at night. So I thought, why not use Peanut Butter or Jam jars as Candle Holders instead.

Materials Needed:
Bottle, Jars
Dried Flowers
Old Scarves

You can decorate according to your preference or whatever style you want! You can use other materials like glitter, gemstones, potpourri, newspaper, buttons, etc.

The Materials. Decorate according to your preference or what you like!

Tie some string on the top part of the jar then glue the dried flower on the jar.

Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Here it is, decorated at my balcony table! Can't wait to light the candles tonight!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Food Diary: Italian Cuisine

Every since I was a kid, Italian food has always been my favorite. So when I was on a holiday in Italy for a week, I was only eating Italian food.When my husband and I travel, part of our adventure is to try the local food or the specialty of a certain country/city. And since we both like Italian cuisine, we always went for an Italian Pizzeria or Trattoria to try the real thing. Here are some of the Italian dishes I really enjoyed!

a pose for my first real Italian Pizza...;)

What the waiter recommended!!! Pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and basil...

Chocolate Lava cake with Lemon Sorbet... A must try!!!

Italians are very famous for their seafood cuisine so we had to try and yes, it is delish!!!

Of course, your Italian trip will never be complete without trying the TIRAMISU!!!
Pasta!!! One of the best Pesto I have ever tasted!!! Only in Italy!

Italian Gelato, the real thing! Don't count the calories, as long as you have tried it!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 Things I love about Paris

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think most girls would love to go to Paris. Well, most of my girl friends are dying to visit Paris. When I was little, I was also dreaming of seeing the romantic city one day. One of the reasons why I became a flight attendant is to travel especially to Paris and be able to see the Eiffel Tower. But it was until 2010 when I first visited Paris with my husband. The feeling was very nice, I was bursting with excitement and happiness that I am finally setting foot in the city of lights and the fashion capital of the world.

And here are the 5 things I love about Paris.

1) Eiffel Tower

When you visit Paris, should not only see the Eiffel tower but also go up the tower and see the lovely view of the city. There are also souvenir shops and restaurants on top of the tower.

2) French Cuisine

French are very famous for their delicious food so when in Paris, must try a real French restaurant or even just a French Bakery. The Baguette sandwiches are mouthwatering. I also love their pastries. Really yummy!

3) French Macarons

When I first tasted macarons, it was a heavenly feeling! Every bite is delight!

4) French Language

I dunno why but every time I hear somebody speak French, I find it really sexy! There's something about their language that makes them sound so romantic!

5) Chanel

Of course, if you love shopping, Paris is one of the places to go!
Of all the luxury brands, Chanel is my favorite. I just love Chanel but they're so expensive. Chanel is classic so I am very happy having a Chanel vintage bag. Still saving for the Chanel Quilted Lambskin Bag! ;)
But even the other vintage Chanel designs, I love!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg meaning ''Salt Fortress'', derived its name from the barges on the Salzach river carrying salt and the city's fortress, Festung Hohensalzburg.
As the fourth largest city in Austria, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site famously known for its Baroque Architecture, scenic alpine backdrop, birthplace of 18th century composer Wolgang Amadeus Mozart and where the 1965 movie Sound of Music was filmed.

Coordinates: 47° 48′ 0″ N, 13° 2′ 0″ E

Monday, July 22, 2013

La Spezia, An Italian Mediterranean City

When my husband and I were driving around Italy, it was not really part of our plan to visit La Spezia. Our GPS got lost or shall I say 'we got lost' and ended up in a beautiful Mediterranean city, La Spezia. It was Springtime (May) but the weather in La Spezia is sunny and lovely. We were so happy to have found this wonderful place! We enjoyed walking around the city and had my first real Italian Gelato. Sadly it was not part of the trip so we didn't stay longer in the gorgeous city!

La Spezia, in the Liguria region of northern Italy, is the capital city of the province La Spezia, it is one of the main Italian Military and commercial harbors and hosts the arsenal of the Italian Navy. 

Things to do in La Spezia:

* Sightseeing/ City tour, walk around the city; Go to the beach.
* Visit historical Churches like Cristo rei de Secoli, Abbey Church of Santa Maria Assunta,
   Santi Giovanni e Agostino, Nostra Signora della Scorza
* Go to Museums like Ubaldo Formentini: Civic Museum in the Castle of San Giorgio,  
   Amedeo Lia Museum, Palazzina delle Arti and Museum of Seals, etc.
* Visit the Castle of San Giorgio

For Hotels in La Spezia click here.

Coordinates: 44° 6′ 0″ N, 9° 49′ 0″ E

Dress: Mango
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Alesya
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Accessories: Antica Murrina

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lichtenstein Castle

One of the most beautiful castles I have seen in Europe with a breathtaking view and serene garden is Schloss Lichtenstein.

In 1802, King Fredirick I of Württemberg built a hunting lodge located on a cliff in the Swabian Alb, Baden-Württemberg (Germany). In 1837, the land was given to his nephew Duke Wilhelm of Urach, Count of Württemberg. Then in 1840, Duke Wilhelm of Urach built a Neo- Gothic castle designed by architect Carl Alexander Heideloff.

The castle, which has large collections of historic weapons and armors, is still owned by the Dukes of Urach.

Schloss Lichtenstein
Address: 72805 Lichtenstein, Germany
Opening Times: April- October; Monday to Sunday 0900H- 1730H
Admission: €6

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Travel with Celebrity Style: Vanessa Lachey

Yes, I am a Vanessa Lachey fan! I just love her elegant style and she dresses effortlessly cool. Here are some of my favorite Vanessa Lachey outfit that I 'sort of' copied during my travels. Also posted similar styles that you can avail online.

Vanessa Lachey
Dress: Ella Moss
Shoes: Fendi

My Version (At a Party in the Philippines)
 Dress: Trendy Moi
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Purse: John Carlo Creations

Similar Style
Striped Maxi Dress by Forever 21 $19.80

Tribute Leather Platform Sandals by Saint Laurent $935.07

New Look Chain Shoulder Bag £12.99

Vanessa Lachey
Shoes: YSL
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

My Version (While Out and About in Spain)
Dress: Formula Joven
Shoes: Geox
Bag: Indiska

 Similar Style
Multi Aztec print Maxi Dress by Annie £15.00

Perforated X-front Platform Pump by Charlotte Russe $35.50

Leather Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs $482.02

Aviator Sunglasses by Ray Ban $191.22

Vanessa Lachey
Dress: Hale Bob Maxi Dress

My Version (Somewhere in Vietnam!)
Top: Abercrombie and Fitch
Skirt: Din Pong
Sandals: Ipanema

 Similar Style
Scarf Print Maxi Skirt by Monica Paisley £15
Flat Thong Sandals by Aldo £40.00