Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Winga Baw Elephant Camp

My recent trip to the beautiful country of Myanmar (Burma) was more like a birthday getaway, meaning I have to see elephants. :) But I have always wanted to visit the Shwedagon Temple, as well as the temples in the ancient city of Bagan. However, due to time constraints, I was only able to see the former capital Yangon.

The highlight of this trip was, of course, visiting an elephant orphanage in Bago. Winga Baw Elephant Camp was recommended by a friendly Burmese driver/tour guide and the 2-hour car trip was totally worth it. It was such a heartwarming experience to bottle-feed the orphaned baby elephants. I'm forever grateful to the staff of Winga Baw Elephant Camp for entrusting me with this obligation, as I am truly an elephant lover and this encounter was really an unforgettable one.

In the camp, you can have a close encounter with both baby elephants and big elephants. And for about 5 dollars, you can feed them with a basket of bananas. You can also witness some of the elephants in their natural habitat as the elephants are allowed to roam in the nearby jungle. And they always return in the camp at nightfall.

If you're looking for an elephant orphanage to visit around Yangon, I definitely recommend Winga Baw Elephant Camp.

Winga Baw Elephant Camp
Address: Beside Payagyi Bawnatgyi Road, Bago, Myanmar
Admission: 20 USD per person


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