Friday, January 16, 2015

The Alhambra of Granada

The Alhambra of Granada depicts a rich boundless history. The eminence of its beauty influenced many great authors like Washington Irving, Paulo Coelho, Salman Rushdie, Philippa Gregory and many others to write novels set in The Alhambra. Many musicians and composers wrote songs about its magnificence. And numerous movies were filmed in its grandeur walls.

Th Alhambra (al-qala’a al-hamra), an Arabic name which means ''the red castle'', was originally built as a fortress in the 9th century. Many years later, the fortress was abandoned and left to crumble. However, in the mid-11th century, a Nasrid ruler named Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar restored the old fortress by adding the palace and walls. His successors proceeded with the reconstruction but it was not until the 13th century The Alhambra became a royal residence. Sultan Yusuf I of Granada constructed the Gate of Justice, Chamber of the Ambassadors (Throne Room), The Baths of Comares and some of the Towers. His son Muhammed V, completed the embellishment of the Royal Palace and added the Court of the Lions.

In 1481, the Emirate of Granada reclaimed the Castillian town, Zahara de la Sierra and this regain gave the Castillians the pretense to invade Granada. The last Nasrid ruler of Granada, Muhammad XII was convened by the Catholic Monarch, King Ferdinand II of Argon and Queen Isabella of Castille to surrender Granada. The Muslim ruler capitulated the Emirate of Granada in 1492 without The Alhambra of being attacked and destroyed by the Castillians. After the Christian conquest, the Alhambra mosque was changed into a church and a convent was built. Emperor Charles V, grandson of the Catholic Monarch, replaced some of the interior of the palace.

After many centuries of being forgotten and disclaimed, The Alhambra was occupied by vagrants and robbers. The rediscovery of Alhambra in the 19th century, prompted its renovation and development. Today, Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Spain's Major Attraction.

The Alhambra of Granada
Address: Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain
Coordinates: 37° 10′ 0″ N, 3° 35′ 24″ W
Admission: 15€

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Salvador Artesano
Accessories: Silver from Spanish Market

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Malmö Opera and Music Theatre

I have always been a fan of performing arts. Back in high school, I would always audition for school plays and musicals. And what I really liked with my old school is they always have this show or presentation for the student's parents during the school's foundation day/anniversary.

Some weeks ago, we went to Malmö Opera and Music Theater to watch Dr. Zhivago. Even though the show was in Swedish, I must say it was spectacular! I was really impressed with the effects, the actions and the emotions of the performers.

Malmö Opera and Music Theater is one of Scandinavia's largest auditorium with 1508 seats. It was built in 1933 and was designed by architect Sigurd Lewerentz amd his colleagues, Erik Lallerstedt and David Helldén. Malmö Opera and Music Theater is considered a masterpiece of functionalist architecture.

For opera and musical performances, check Malmö Opera and Music Theatre.

 Malmö Opera and Music Theatre
Address: Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20, 211 47 Malmö, Sweden

Dress: Michael Kors
Scarf: Linda Lykke of Denmark
Ankle Boots: Nine West
Bag: Mulberry
Accessories: Trollbeads (Troldekugler)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Happy New Year Everyone!  So where did you spend your holidays? Was it in a tropical climate sipping margaritas or mojitos? Or did you have a great time cozying up in a winter wonderland?
If you ask me, I actually spent Christmas and New Year in a tropical country but a week before Christmas I was in Scandinavia hoping for a winter wonderland but sadly it was too early for a white winter. Anyway I will share to you my amazing experience in one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. We went to the amusement park to experience the Tivoli Christmas Market. Tivoli Gardens is astonishingly decorated with glorious Christmas decorations and colorful Christmas lights. I'm in awe of the spectacular display and everything around.

Tivoli Gardens opened on August 15, 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. Built by Georg Carstensen, Tivoli has a wide variety of attractions: buildings in the exotic style of an imaginary Orient: a theatre, band stands, restaurants and cafés, flower gardens, and mechanical amusement rides. After dark, coloured lamps illuminated the gardens. On certain evenings, specially designed fireworks could be seen reflected in Tivoli's lake. So when you are in Copenhagen, never miss the opportunity to visit The Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens
Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København, Denmark
Coordinates: 55° 40′ 25″ N12° 34′ 6″ E