Friday, September 6, 2013

The Beauty of Pashmina

Kashmir is one of the beautiful places on my travel bucket list. I would love to see the incredible nature of Kashmir one day. Also called as the Paradise on Earth, Kashmir is also known for its Pashmina. For thousands of years, Kashmir is known for manufacturing Cashmere and Pashmina shawls.

The other day I went to a Cashmere shop here in Ho Chi Minh City to look for a Cashmere shawl with handmade embroidery. A Kashmiri welcomed me in his shop and I was really happy to get some ideas on how to take care and to distinguish real Pashminas. He also showed me the most expensive Pashmina in the world, the ''king of fine wools''- Shahtoosh. A single Shahtoosh scarf cost 2000USD depending on the size. But Shahtoosh is considered illegal since sadly, thousands of Tibetan Antelopes were killed for the luxurios textile.

Anyway, so happy to finally own a Cashmere shawl with embroidery. I have been eying for this type of shawl for a long time. Original price of this Cashmere shawl with embroidery is 80USD but because of my haggling tactics, I was able to get it for 60USD. When I checked online shops for similar shawls, they are more expensive.

Cashmere Shawl with embroidery

How to Care for your Pashmina Shawl:
1) Dry Clean or Wash it by hand in luke-warm water and use shampoo instead of detergent.
2) When drying your Pashmina shawl, make sure to spread them evenly across the rack since hanging them wet will stretch the fabric.
3) Store them neatly by laying them on a flat surface. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

How to Determine if your Pashmina Shawl is Real:
1) Real Pashmina/ Cashmere shawls are normally soft and light-weight.
2) Scarf label should be not be glued onto the fabric, it should be sewn.
3) If it's real Cashmere shawl, after how many uses, look for pilling/fuzz.

100% Cashmere pills after some wearing.
4) You can also check by cutting a small piece on one of the fringes then burn it, if it smells like burnt hair then it's an authentic one but if it smells like chemical then it might be a knockoff. 

My Collection of Pashmina from Kashmir.  :) The blue and red Pashminas were bought in Singapore (Little India) worth 150 Singapore dollars each. Real Pashminas costs!



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