Sunday, August 4, 2013

Food Diary: Filipino Food For The Beach

One of the things I love doing when in the Philippines is go to the beach. When you go on a holiday in the Philippines, I highly recommend the beach! Anyway when my friends and I go to the beach, we normally bring fresh food with us and grill it there. I love grilled food especially seafood and I think most Filipinos does. When you go to Filipino Restaurants, Barbecue is always on the menu.

Here are what we normally serve on the beach.

Fresh fruits for dessert!

Sweet N Sour Fish. Fish is always present when going to the beach or go on a picnic, though some people prefer to grill it but it doesn't really matter. Fish is a staple food in the Philippines.

Grilled Pork. Though I'm not really a meat lover but ''Liempo'' or grilled pork belly is a must try Filipino food!!!

Grilled Chicken. Grilled Chicken is very famous in the Philippines, You can almost find it everywhere in the country, although some places have different marinating style.

Grilled Shrimp. I love shrimps, it is probably my favorite food and it's what I eat most of the time! I love cooking shrimps in different recipes.

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  1. they look really good i used almost every single one of them