Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fort San Pedro

One of the magnificent historical sites in Cebu, Philippines is Fort San Pedro. It is one of the oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines built by the Spaniards as a military defense structure.

The original form was made of wood and was built in 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. However, the construction date of the stone fort is uncertain. Fort San Pedro was named after the galleon (San Pedro) of Miguel Lopez de Lagaspi when he and his explorers landed in Cebu.

The fort covers an area of 2,205 square meters with walls 20 feet high, 8 feet thick and towers 30 feet high. The shape of the fort is triangular with 3 bastions namely La Concepcion in Southwest corner, Ignacio de Loyola in the Southeast corner, and San Miguel in the Northeast corner. 

Today, Fort San Pedro is a historical park and a museum that houses Spanish paintings, sculptures and old documents retrieved from the San Diego galleon.

Fort San Pedro
Address: A. Pigafetta St  Cebu City, Philippines
Coordinates: 10° 17′ 32″ N, 123° 54′ 21″ E
Admission: Php 50


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