Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mactan Island Hopping

My husband loves Mactan Island Hopping! So every time we're in Cebu, we always try to spare a day to do this enjoyable escapade.

A whole day trip filled with amusement, Mactan Island Hopping is definitely for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

There are many places in Mactan where you could hire a local boat to visit different small islands and sanctuaries. If you're staying at a resort in Mactan, perhaps they could even arrange it for you. But the most popular place to rent the local boats is the port beside Mรถvenpick Hotel. The rates vary depending on the size of the boat and if food is included but the price normally starts from 50USD.

During our recent Cebu trip, we went out island hoping twice! First, we hired a small boat with 4 crew, went around different islands and sanctuaries outside Mactan. The second trip was with the resort, Plantation Bay, visiting only a sanctuary.

The local boat for Island Hopping.

Natural Pearls!

The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary.

Our crew cooking our lunch. ;)

The crew busy preparing our wonderful meal. It was fresh and really tasty!

The first island we visited! Though we never really stayed long at this island but it was so peaceful here.

Uninhabited island! What a paradise! :)

Plantation Bay

On our way to the sanctuary.

Huge Coral Castle.

The staff brought lots of bread for us to feed the fish in the sanctuary.

School of fish.

These two were very curious!


What at lovely marine sanctuary!

The Sanctuary!

The Sanctuary!

The Sanctuary!

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