Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yala National Park Safari

As an animal lover, I am definitely inquisitive of the animal life in the wild and being able to see them all in the jungle is just compelling.

As the most visited park in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park covers 979 square kilometers (378 sq mi) which makes it as the second largest national park in Sri Lanka, next to Wilpattu National Park.

Situated in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka with the nearest city, Katagarama and about 290 Km from the capital Colombo. The park is renowned for the variety of it's wildlife and tropical flora. From a substantial elephant population along with the big cats (leopards), spotted deer, wild buffalo, Sloth bear, jackal, wild boar, crocodiles and many more. The bird life comprises of over 120 species. Consisting of five blocks and adjoining parks, two blocks are opened to the public for safari adventures. Block one is the most visited area since it contains the highest density of Leopards. To be able to appreciate Yala, choose a suitable guide that will inevitably show you the alluring attributes of the park. 

Plan your trip Yala National Park.
Address: B499, Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6° 22′ 22″ N, 81° 31′ 1″ E

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