Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trollbeads Found A Fan Party

Some days ago, I was invited at Trollbeads Found A Fan Party (Hội cuồng TROLLBEADS - No FAKE) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Trollbeads The Original is a Danish jewelry brand that was founded in 1976. It specializes on glass beads and silver/gold beads with each bead design comes with a meaning.

The event was about Trollbeads fanatics and collectors, gathered together at a café in Dong Khoi Street to share their one passion. Not only it was about meeting new friends, the event was also about team work. Fun games were played and a raffle draw was made with Trollbeads jewelry as prizes.

My Trollbeads Necklace

The Trollbeads Story

The story about the original and unique Trollbeads all started in Denmark in 1976. The first bead, which later gave name to the Trollbeads collection, was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 faces. It was designed by Søren Silversmith and sold from his father Svend's jewellery shop in central Copenhagen. The beads were created at a time where it was fashionable to have a silver bead hanging on a leather thong around the neck. But instead of letting the bead hang in an eyelet, Søren wanted to let the leather cord go through the bead. Later on, Søren's sister, Lise, began to put the beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet.

Lise opened another jewellery store and one day a customer asked to have an extra bead put on her bracelet. The storekeeper was surprised but followed the customer's wish. From then on, the adventure and Trollbeads movement started. In cooperation with the customers and according to their wishes, the collection grew. This was the invention and the beginning of an original jewellery concept that today is enjoyed worldwide.

While waiting for the event to start.

Trollbeads team handing out Trollbeads vouchers to the guests.

The Trollbeads Manager of Vietnam, Ms. Amy, explaining the mechanics of the game..

Some of the Lucky winners with Ms. Amy and Vietnam Trollbeads Ambassador.

And the beads are out. :)

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