Saturday, July 14, 2012

Walk- in Closet... :)

My husband and I are building a house in Sweden and I'm so glad to know that he's going to create a walk-in closet for me. I feel like the luckiest wife! :)
Ever since in high school, I've always wanted to have a beautiful walk-in closet. It doesn't have to be huge, just enough to decorate my clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Some place in the house where I could go in, stay there for a while and just hang out with my stuff. It might sound weird but even though I have a small closet in Saigon, I always make sure my clothes, bags and shoes are well arranged. :)
I think most girls would yearn for a place where they could hide and praise their clothes sometimes. :)
Although my closet is not going to be as big as the rooms but enough for me to get in and walk around. So now, I am thinking what theme and decorations should I have. Been looking at these celebrity closets to get some ideas. But god, these closets are just too grand and glamorous!!!
Anyway I like Kim Cattrall's closet- not so big, simple yet very neat. What do you think??? :)

Paula Abdul's sacred place!

Mariah Carey's closet looks like a luxury boutique!!!

Nicky Hilton kept her closet neat and clean...

Eva Longoria's Texan theme closet...

Kimora's beautiful closet!

My fave actress Olivia Wilde has a glamorous closet...

Moulin Rouge theme for Christina Aguilera! :)

Designer Anna Sui's closet...

Kim Cattrall' favorite!!!

Maria Manounos's shoe closet...

Paris Hilton's closet!

Fergie's Huge closet!

Olivia Palermo's simple closet! :)

Stylist Rachel Zoe's closet...

Jessica Alba's closet...:)

Nicole Richie's closet...

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  1. If I ever get a walk in closet I would like some spotligths and paint the walls!

    Maybe not the color of this wall but something like that!