Friday, October 12, 2012

Historical Malacca

The tale of Malacca's history and glory is illustrious. As Malaysia's oldest city, it was once a powerful trading port connecting East and West bartering goods like spices, silk, etc. Even the Portuguese, Dutch and British battled on its turf for its gold and prestige.

Malacca is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site attracting thousands of tourists everyday. As a colony of three great countries, it has a wide and diverse culture. Also greatly influenced by the Middle Eastern, Chinese and the Baba Nyonya leaving them a colorful community. A wondrous place with a mixture of European and Asian architecture and cuisine.

When I saw Malacca, I was inspired by how the people preserved the left-behinds of it's previous rulers.
Taking a walk around the small town is awe-inspiring.

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