Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's More Fun in The Philippines

Almost every foreigner I meet, who hasn't been to the Philippines, thinks that Philippines is a dangerous country. Before I met my husband (Swedish), he even doubted of accepting the contract of flying in the Philippines. He read on the Swedish government's website that it's not so safe. Well I don't know what changed his mind but the sweetest part is, he's now married to me- a Filipina!!!
He also likes that the Filipinos are so friendly and he just loves the nature.

I really appreciate the American family I met in Kuala Lumpur, they are very excited for their Philippine vacation next year. It's just great to hear that their friends proffered them to go to Cebu because it's so beautiful.
Well I strongly discourage you to go to Southern part of Mindanao, execrable activities exists but the government is doing something about it.

In Europe, I'm surprised how my husband is so punctilious to me when it comes to taking care of my belongings. He said it's no longer safe and this is just one disadvantage of the place. I think every country has its ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you have to be vigilant when you travel and you must also know the limits.

I really hope that people will change their negative perception about Philippines because the truth is,
It's More Fun in The PHILIPPINES....;)

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