Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tack så mycket Klara och Maja...:)

Even though this is a late post but I would like to thank the sweet and pretty Swedish girls who gave me a wonderful present and made me a beautiful Moi card... It was really nice knowing you Klara and Maja...

Thank you for the wonderful time in Spain and Sweden... It was fun hanging out with you, Anna Karin and Patrick. I hope to see you again..:)

Kram och Puss...:)


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  1. This is even a later post :-)!
    It was really nice to get to know you Moi and we all hope to see you and Dennis soon again in Sweden or in Spain!
    Klara and Maja misses you a lot and they are very proud that you mentioned theme here in you blog!
    We have just come back from a 12-day trip in Spain and ar going back again in the end of March next year!
    Best wishes to you and Dennis from all of us in Sweden!