Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Beauty of Busuanga, Palawan

To see the world is one my favorite hobby and it doesn't really mean that I should pack my bags and be at that specific place. Photograph is also a way to see the world. I love looking at travel photos, sometimes it makes me feel like I'm actually there. Though my husband and I are travelling around, there are so many places where I want to be and I want to see.

And our favorite travel destinations are usually places with nice beach. Yes, we both love swimming and sunbathing. Not because I come from the Philippines, I am biased to my country. To be honest, one of the best beach that I have been to is actually in the Philippines. Let the pictures say it all, no Photoshop! Real or in photographs, Busuanga is the best place I have been.

Busuanga is a province located at the northern part of Palawan. The town center of Busuanga is called Salvacion, which is approximately 50 kilometers from Coron. And when in Manila, the easiest way to get there (Coron) is to fly with:

Cebu Pacific Air
AirPhil Express
Zest Air

When in Busuanga, Palawan one of the best things to do is to go island hopping, diving and snorkeling. You can even book these activities at your hotel or simply go to the town center and book it through travel agencies (they are actually cheaper). The price range for island hoping is about 80- 200 USD for the whole day depending on the size of the boat and if food is included. When you go island hoping, make sure you ask the hotel or agency if food is included, if not you can pack your own food for there are no restaurants on the islands. But its actually more fun if they the arrange food. The crew will normally serve you seafood and meat, they grill or barbecue it at one of the islands. Serving it fresh and delicious.

To see the different islands in Busuanga is simply breathtaking. Imagine a mountain of limestone and in the middle is a white sand paradise with locally built coconut hut where you can rest or enjoy your lunch.
The water is crystal clear with lots of the fish swimming together with you. You can even feed them with rice or bread. But make sure to ask the crew first. Snorkeling underwater is just spectacular for you can see the different types of Philippine fish. Also ask the crew to take you to this Sunken Ship from World War II to see a little bit of interesting history.

For Hotels in Coron (Busuanga) Town Center click HERE and HERE. But if you are looking for a more intimate accommodation, living in an island resort click HERE.

Summer is fast approaching in Asia.
So where will you spend your summer???

Busuanga, Palawan

Click HERE for more information about Busuanga.

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