Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Elephant Story

Last time, I posted an elephant story about how sweet and smart these animals are. Elephants never forgets for they have an elephantine memory. :)

Elephants are my favorite animal. Aside from looking so huge and cute, seems like these animals can understand.

It was during our trip in Chiang Mai when we went to the Elephant Nature Park. There was an amazing fun elephant show but we were late so when we got there, the show was about to end. Anyway I bought some bananas to feed the elephants. I patiently waited, people were already tipping them, giving money to elephants. The elephants happily took the tip using their trunks and gave it to their trainers/owner. 
One elephant saw that I was carrying a bunch of bananas so it came up to me, I gave one banana then suddenly it took all of it from my hands. The bunch of bananas were tied to my wrist so when the elephant grabbed it, it was really painful. I was panicking asking help from the trainer until the tie snapped from my wrist. I really thought I'm going to break my wrist, can you imagine the strength of an elephant???
Anyway, I was hurt and had a lot of scratches on my wrist. The elephant noticed that I was in pain, so instead of getting tip from the people, I think it felt so bad that the elephant focused on me instead. Tapping it's trunk on my head many times like asking ''are you ok?'' It was really cute!!!
I even got a hug when we left. :)

Elephant Nature Park

At Elephant Nature Park, you can buy Elephant food like sugarcane and bananas to feed the elephants.
Since the elephant ate all the banana, I bought 2 extra bunch of bananas and some sugarcane for the other elephants. They were really hungry after the show!

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