Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shrimps, Shrimps, Shrimps!!!

Ok, I know I'm such a Shrimp fan! I can live only eating Shrimps. And I would get so excited in the kitchen, experimenting Shrimp recipes.
This recipe is called Shrimp in Light Cream Sauce with Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) and Chili rice. More like a Filipino dish.

Hope you enjoy!!! :)

Shrimps in Light Cream Sauce

 500 grams Tiger Shrimps
1 pack Light Cream Sauce
3 cloves Garlic (minced)

1) Peel shrimps but do not remove head. Season with salt and pepper.
2) Deep pan with oil, Turn heat to low, saute garlic.
    Place the shrimps carefully and cook for 10 minutes .
3) Add light cream sauce, dash some salt and pepper (according to your preference)
    then cook for another 15 minutes.
4) Turn off heat then set aside. Place shrimps in a bowl or deep plate.

Bagoong Rice

2 cups cooked White Rice
2 tablespoons Bagoong
1 teaspoon Chili Sauce
1 tablespoon Oil

1) Deep pan with oil, turn heat to low, place rice, bagoong and chili sauce.
2) Saute for 5 minutes.
3) Turn off heat, place rice in a bowl or plate. Serve with Shrimps in Light Cream Sauce.

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