Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hoan Kiem Lake

One of Hanoi's (Vietnam) major attraction, Hoàn Kiếm Lake meaning ''Lake of the Returned Sword'', has a very interesting legend.

It began in the Fifteenth century during Lê Dynasty when the emperor of Vietnam Lê Lợi was out boating on the lake when his magic sword, Heaven's Will given to him by Kim Qui- the Golden Turtle God, was grabbed by a turtle and disappeared into the deep. Although they have delved to look for the sword and the turtle but it was never found. So Lê Lợi accepted that the sword has gone back to the Golden Turtle God, renaming the lake to Hoàn Kiếm Lake or The Lake of the Returned Sword.

Hoàn Kiếm Lake is a lake not only rich in history but as well as beauty. It emphasizes the historical significance of Hanoi.

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