Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Vintage Love Affair

My love for vintage started when I went out shopping with my grandmother. She loves vintage and would always go to Thrift and Vintage shops. I was in high school when my grandmother asked me to accompany her to a thrift shop and at that age, vintage wasn't really my thing! I was more into pink and glitter but then my concept for vintage changed during that trip. 

When I became interested with fashion and style, I was drooling over some of the lovely designer pieces I saw on Fashion TV or in the magazines but at that time, I couldn't afford to buy expensive designer clothes so I would go to a thrift shop. Although I'm not always successful of my trips to thrift/vintage shops but whenever I do, I would always find something really amazing. 

Whenever I travel and if I have time, I would go to an antique or vintage shops to look if there's something for me. What I'm really interested in is vintage costume jewelry. I love to collect gorgeous pieces of vintage costume jewelry of any designer but I guess my favorite would be Chanel because of the bold and eccentric design, although I only have 1 vintage Chanel earrings since the others were bought new. I wish my next visit to a vintage shop, I would find a nice Chanel earrings or brooch. ;) 

Below are some of my good finds during my thrifting adventures.

This is a Versace sweater, one of my favorite vintage finds! Got it some years ago at a thrift shop in the Philippines for about 5 USD.

Got these Trifari earrings for 5USD each at a Vintage Jewelry shop in Saigon.

I got this Anne Klein necklace for 10 USD, also bought at a vintage shop in Saigon.

This Marcel Broucher bug brooch (10USD) was also acquired at a vintage jewelry shop in Saigon. 

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