Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chasing Scottish Distilleries

Last August, my husband and I were in Spain for about two weeks for our usual August holiday then we flew to Edinburgh, Scotland from Madrid to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.
When we arrived in Edinburgh, we rented a big car, drove directly to Perth to spend the night there then we continued driving around the following day. We didn't really stay at one place, we travelled around Scotland visiting different distilleries. It was one hectic trip but we sure had a lot of fun seeing different sites and attractions aside from the whisky. ;)

Day 1: Edinburgh- Perth.

Day 2: Perth- Highlands- Royal Lochnagar Distillery- Strathisla Distillery- Glen Grant Distillery- Glen Moray Distillery- Benromach Distillery- Loch Ness- Dornie.

At our B&B in Perth. I'm so ready to see Scotland! Our first distillery stop- Royal Lochnagar.
Highlands. Isn't this beautiful? What a picturesque view! So lucky we took this way going to the distillery.
Ahh! I can live here. So tranquil, oh! I just love Scottish scenery.
We have to stop to take photos, of course!
After an hour and a half driving plus plus stopping, we're finally here!
Behind me are the expensive whisky in Scotland.
Close to the distillery is Balmoral Castle. We weren't able to go in because the British Royals were there. But at least I was able to have my photo taken with one of the guards.
The panoramic view again! Look at the road, small but lovely.
Our second distillery tour, this time we went to see how the Scottish Whisky, Chivas Regal, is made!
While waiting for our tour, we can try different whisky at the bar.
So this is how it's stored! It was a lovely tour.
I get to try different whisky. My favorite here?  The Chivas 12 year old! But most in our group voted for the Strathisla 12.
Finally! Dream come true. Off my bucket list- Loch Ness. When I was a kid, I heard stories about the Loch Ness monster, there was even a movie about it and I've seen it many times.  
The beautiful ruins of Urquhart Castle along Loch Ness.
This town is lovely! We spent our second night in the village of Dornie. With a population of 300, there's not much choice in this village. With only 1 pub, it's unsurprising that it was full so we have to take dinner at the hotel which was good because they serve the best fish and chips. The best I ever had.
The most photographed castle in the world- Eileen Donan at night. So beautiful!

Day 3: Dornie- Isle of Skye- Dalwhinnie Distillery- Pitlochry.

Nature at its best in Isle of Skye.
The only distillery in the island! Talisker Whisky is famous in Asia.
At the lovely town of Pitlochry! Small but very cozy.

Day 4: (My Mother-in law's Birthday) Still in Pitlochry- Blair Atholl Distillery- Aberfeldy Distillery- The House of Bruar- Back to Pitlochry. Then we took a walk to The Edradour Distillery with a side trip in the Scottish forest and Malt fields.

Our breakfast drink! ;)
At Aberfeldy Distillery. Finally, got to have my photo taken with a Scottish man wearing kilt. ;)
This whisky costs £10,000.
Since it's my mother-in-law's birthday, declared the shopping day so we went to the luxury House of Bruar and shopped for some cashmere clothes. Happy! :)
After Blair Atholl, we went back to Pitlochry and took a walk to Edradour Distillery. Have to pass by a malt field then into the woods but it was lovely!

What a beauty!
I don't know how many distilleries we've been! To be honest, I've lost count! But I must say, this is the worst.The staff were rude, we have to pay the tour (even though my parents-in-law doesn't want since they've already been here many times) to get into the bar. 
Where my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday dinner. It was yummy food!

Day 5: Pitlochry- Glenkinchie Distillery- Edinburgh Airport.
Our last day in Scotland. My husband and I flew to London while my parents-in-law flew back to Sweden.

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