Monday, September 9, 2013

Food Diary: Spanish Influence

One of the things that always excite me every time I am holidaying in Spain is the food! The Spanish had a great influence on Filipino cuisine and because of that, it feels like home to be in España. One of my favorite Spanish dish that we also have in the Philippines is called Empanada.

Anyway, below are photos of some of the famous Spanish cuisine that can also be found in the Philippines.

Paella is probably the best-known Spanish dish. Paellas are sometimes present in Philippine fiestas.

I love Spanish Sardines but I think I prefer the Filipino version.:) In Spain, they serve it as ''Tapas'' and in the Philippines, we eat them for breakfast with rice. Weird!

Pollo Asado or as we call it ''Lechon Manok''. In Costa Blanca, you can find Pollo Asado Stalls where you can buy the whole roasted chicken and in the big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, you can find them in Spanish restaurants. Lechon Manok stalls are also usual in the Philippines.

 Oh! I just love the Empanada in Spain, they have a lot of different flavors. Onion and Cheese is just orgasmic!

Churros y Chocolate is probably my fave snack when I was a kid. :)

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