Monday, March 18, 2013

My recent Holiday!!!

So I am finally getting around to share the story and some photos from my recent trip to Thailand. It wasn't really what I expected since it wasn't as good as the previous trips we had. First of all, the people weren't as friendly as before. We went back to Jomtien Beach, as 1 year and a half ago, I really had a great time there with my husband. We stayed at the same hotel, Furama Jomtien Hotel and sad to say, the staff are so rude and arrogant. Not even greeting or at least smiling to the guests. I dunno why but most of the Thai people we encountered were very arrogant and angry, I don't wanna elaborate it one by one but after this trip, I realized that what I have read and heard from other people are true!!! We stayed for a week at Jomtien beach (Pattaya) and 3 days in Bangkok. We stayed at Amari Atrium Suites in Bangkok and the staff there are much better than Furama Jomtien.

Anyway we were supposed to go to Myanmar. Everything's ready, our plane tickets and hotel. The problem was our visa. We applied visa online, we waited for a week and there was no reply. So we called a travel agency here in Vietnam if they could help us with Myanmar Visa. They said they could fix it for 3 days, but then unfortunately it takes 2 weeks to process it and we didn't have enough time. So it was really sad to cancel our Myanmar trip.

Despite the bad experiences we had, My husband and I tried to make the best out of it. In Jomtien, we felt so unsafe but we made sure that we'll still have fun.

View of Jomtien Beach at our Hotel Balcony.

Furama Jomtien Beach Hotel

One good thing with Furama Hotel is they have a daily Seafood dinner buffet. They serve fresh grilled seafood
and a really good variety of Thai  and Western dishes.

Jomtien Beach Road during the day.

Lovely Sunset. :)

Jomtien Beach road is really cozy at night and offers an array of restaurants sure to excite your taste buds.

Very Yummy Spicy Stir-fry Seafood at the Garden Restaurant of Jomtien Sea breeze Resort.

Veggie Thai Spring Rolls with glass noodles inside.

We took a tour at Koh Samet, an island north of Pattaya.

Since the beach in Jomtien is not so clean, we went to Koh Samet. We were also disappointed with
 this tour. We thought it was a cozy  undeveloped/untouched island but instead, they brought us to this Resort Hotel and just let us utilize their beach front. It was very tight and congested.
  Most of the tour guests were really disappointed! 

The white sands of Samet Island.

Night view of Bangkok City at the Amari Atrium Suites.

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