Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trip to the Old Town of Gdansk

Gdańsk, a Polish city, located on the Baltic coast and Poland's principal seaport. My visit to Gdańsk, Poland was very short since we (My husband and Parents-in-law) were on a Cruise tour. We spent our 8 hours walking around the cozy old town, ate some traditional Polish food and of course, shopped for AMBER jewelry.

Walking around the old city was never a mistake! It felt like being back in the Renaissance period. Most of buildings were beautifully designed and vibrantly painted.
During the WWII, parts of the historic old city were destroyed but it was rebuilt during the 1950's and 1960's.
After scouring the streets of the old town, we went to have lunch at a Polish restaurant and had a traditional Polish cuisine. My food was really nice! But the best part of this trip was Shopping!!! Yes, we went shopping for some really good quality Amber jewelry. The Baltic area is very famous for it's Amber and the old city (Gdańsk) has a lot of Amber Jewelry shop.

The Old Town

Some of my Amber Jewelry Collection from The Baltic Area. :)

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