Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to Clean the Makeup Kit!!!

Spring cleaning time is here so it's about time to throw away the old cosmetics. I have been really bad at cleaning my makeup kit, so shock to see they're full of dust. Anyway since beauty products do not last forever, should keep an eye on the dates that you have used them since different types of bacterias can accumulate on these products after months of usage. And this can be very dangerous, usually resulting to face/eye irritation or infection!

Like Mascara, should only be used up to four months after opening since bacterias can breed on its wand, thus, can lead to conjuctivitis. Old lipsticks sometimes produce awful smell and they make the lips dry. Expired blusher, bronzer, concealer and foundation can clog up pores with bacteria then causes rashes or pimples. Using dirty brushes can cause skin irritations like ringworm and herpes. Health wise, it is very important to dispose those unneccesary and old cosmetics. If they change color and smell, throw them away!


Mascara                  3 to 4 months
Blusher/Bronzer      12 to 18 months
Eye Shadow            12 to 18 months
Foundation              6 to 12 months
Lipstick/ Lipgloss    12 to 18 months
Eye/ Lip liner         18 to 24 months

Here's a sneak peek of my newly cleaned makeup collection.

My makeup collection.

I usually separate the used from the unused ones.
These little babies here are soon to used...;)

My used ones are placed in this really cute purple makeup organizer...

My lipgloss collection... I love lipgloss..
Check my previous post about them..;)

I only have a few lipsticks, I prefer lipgloss...
My fave colors though are Red, Pink, Nude and Orange.

My Eye colors from Bobbi Brown, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, MAC, Body Shop and etc!!!

Bronzers and Blushers...
As you can see, I use more bronzer than blusher...

The most important- the right face powder/ foundation!!!
Choosing the correct face powder/ foundation can be very difficult!
Ask your brand consultant the correct shade for you!

Eyeliners and Mascaras!!! 

My brushes from MAC, Estee Lauder and Lancome...
Cover them with plastic to protect them from dust!

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