Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craft Ideas: Candle Jar Holder

I was thinking of redecorating the balcony garden of our apartment in Saigon. I have so many ideas in mind but I am more considering of redecorating it with recycled materials. I found some really good ideas online, putting candles in the balcony to make it more cozy at night. So I thought, why not use Peanut Butter or Jam jars as Candle Holders instead.

Materials Needed:
Bottle, Jars
Dried Flowers
Old Scarves

You can decorate according to your preference or whatever style you want! You can use other materials like glitter, gemstones, potpourri, newspaper, buttons, etc.

The Materials. Decorate according to your preference or what you like!

Tie some string on the top part of the jar then glue the dried flower on the jar.

Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Here it is, decorated at my balcony table! Can't wait to light the candles tonight!

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  1. Can you wait for me to come home?