Monday, July 29, 2013

Food Diary: Italian Cuisine

Every since I was a kid, Italian food has always been my favorite. So when I was on a holiday in Italy for a week, I was only eating Italian food.When my husband and I travel, part of our adventure is to try the local food or the specialty of a certain country/city. And since we both like Italian cuisine, we always went for an Italian Pizzeria or Trattoria to try the real thing. Here are some of the Italian dishes I really enjoyed!

a pose for my first real Italian Pizza...;)

What the waiter recommended!!! Pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and basil...

Chocolate Lava cake with Lemon Sorbet... A must try!!!

Italians are very famous for their seafood cuisine so we had to try and yes, it is delish!!!

Of course, your Italian trip will never be complete without trying the TIRAMISU!!!
Pasta!!! One of the best Pesto I have ever tasted!!! Only in Italy!

Italian Gelato, the real thing! Don't count the calories, as long as you have tried it!!!

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