Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cambodian Fine Arts and Crafts

Being in Siem Reap always gives me the excitement to see history, Cambodian culture and heritage, trying out different Khmer dishes and of course, shopping high quality Cambodian silk.

When in Siem Reap, a visit to the Silk Farm (Artisans Angkor) is a must. There you will observe how locals make both fine and normal silk. All the products in Artisans Angkor are handmade so it's truly an amazing experience.

The process of Silk making begins with the silk worms. They feed the worms with Mulberry leaves until they grow and transform into cocoons. When they become cocoons, they are being collected, boiled to become soft and clean then dried under the sun. After they have been dried, they boil them again and pull the cocoon fibers spinning them to make the silk thread. They dye the bulky silk thread with natural colors like bark from different trees, spices and banana leaves. And lastly, they weave the silk thread to make into a big cloth with different colors and designs.

At the Silk Farm, you can shop (Artisans Angkor Silk Boutique) different handmade silk products like clothes, scarves, bags, wallets, pillow cases, etc. The prices are more expensive than in the market but of course, you also get very high quality products. 
You can also find shops (Artisans Angkor) around Siem Reap and at the airport.
Check their website Artisans Angkor.

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